Safety Measures Covid-19

Pines Hotel is one of the best hotel complexes in Kifissia.

Its goal is to provide its customers with high quality services, adhering to and continuously improving its service Conditions and the Covid Shield Security Management System, thus shielding its services against the Covid19 pandemic.
For the implementation of the above, the Management continuously supports and applies the basic principles and rules that govern the Covid Shield Management System. For this purpose it has all the material and intangible resources that are necessary to achieve the goals of the System.

Pines Hotel establishes objective targets of monitoring indicators, programs for Security and control of (non) transmission of viruses and diseases, based on the full and constructive cooperation of its employees, customers, partners and all stakeholders.

The basic principles as expressed through the Covid Shield management system are:

  • Compliance with laws and regulations and other requirements prepared by the National Health Agency or other authority involved. It has installed a monitoring mechanism which immediately activates changes and communicates them throughout the Company
  • Adherence to agreements and commitments to customers, in order to increase their sense of security and satisfaction
  • Constructive cooperation with all suppliers / partners
  • Promoting communication and information of stakeholders in a spirit of honesty and mutual respect. In this direction, all the communication channels offered by marketing & technology are utilized to communicate, among others, the successful level of compliance with the requirements of the certification scheme.
  • The continuous information, training and encouragement of the staff for their active participation, on an individual and group level, in their psychological support and in the continuous improvement of the working environment
  • Respect for personal data and health information of customers, partners and employees. In this regard, specific instructions are given for the protection of the dignity of people who may be carriers, patients or be considered a possible / suspicious case
  • he establishment of objectives and measurable targets that document the commitment of the Management to the objectives of the certification scheme but also show its effectiveness. These indicators relate to number of training programs, information campaigns, staff training hours, customer satisfaction, number of cases, compliance with organizational and technical measures

The monitoring of targets in combination with the corrective actions taken, promote the continuous improvement which is a fundamental business value of Pines Hotel.
The principles of the Certification Scheme, as well as its objective aims and objectives, are reviewed at regular intervals by the Hotel's Management in order to adapt to new needs and developments, legislative and regulatory requirements and to achieve the goal of stopping transmission and dispersion viruses and diseases.
Through the continuous reviews of the above, the Management is in a constant search to identify both human and logistical needs. The Management is committed to providing the necessary resources to meet the needs, as they arise and are shaped by the existing situations, to the maximum of its capabilities.

All departments of Pines Hotel, have the responsibility to respond, assimilate and implement the procedures, instructions, action plans, training programs related to the management system of the Covid Shield Certification Scheme.

The Covid Shield Team has incorporated topics related to Negative Behaviors & Social Stigma into all training programs and announcements. For this purpose, a relevant instruction has been prepared which communicates to the staff through announcements, e-mail, trainings, etc. Pines Hotel makes it clear that negative behaviors related to the occurrence of the disease are not acceptable and are a serious reason to investigate the solution of any cooperation.

The goal of the customer-centric concept and philosophy of the hotel is to maintain a constant open channel of communication with stakeholders, internally and externally, and especially with its customers, to ensure the receipt of all messages positive and negative about the services it provides.

Pines Hotel Hotel Management