Pines’s action plan for Covid-19

Pines Hotel has a special duty of care about the health of its guests taking into account the ‘Health Protocols’ for Covid-19.

We have developed an action plan that complies with the recommendations of Greece’s public health organization – EODY. The aim of this plan is to prevent, effectively manage suspected Covid-19 cases and limit the spread of the virus to staff and guests.

Actions we have taken

We have appointed a coordinator to supervise the implementation of our action plan against the spread of Covid-19 as well as heads of departments (e.g. F&B, housekeeping) who will be responsible for the compliance of the health protocols

We have trained our staff appropriately so as to follow and execute in detail Branco’s action plan in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Tourism

We have started cooperating with the ‘TUV Austria’ to certify and inspect the implementation of measures against the spread of Covid-19.

We have provided each staff member with personal protective equipment (masks, gloves etc.). Furthermore, our staff undergoes a thermal screening before starting their work at a daily basis

We have taken measures for managing suspected Covid-19 cases effectively and in accordance to the current instructions of EODY (for instance, a doctor will act on the instructions of EODY for testing suspected cases of Covid-19 and through telemedicine will monitor these suspected cases)

We do have a medical kit for the occurrence of a Covid-19 incidence 

We have placed antiseptics in all public areas of our hotel and individual antiseptic bottles in every room

We have followed all the necessary hygiene measures for the reception desk.

We will send our guests their bills by email before their check-out and they will receive all their invoices and receipts after their check-out.

All key cards will be disinfected before and after their use by our guests

We have modified the duration of check-in and check-out times by 15 pm and 11 am accordingly so that rooms can be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and aired out through natural ventilation.

We do follow all the necessary hygiene measures concerning the cleaning and disinfection of the hotel’s public areas and rooms in accordance with the instructions of Greece’s public health organization – EODY  

We have reinforced the cleanliness of all public areas as well as the door handles and breakers

We will change the sheets, pillowcases, and towels of rooms only upon our guests’ request

 TV controls have disposable covers

All linen used by our guests will be collected and handled with care to avoid dispersal of microorganisms into the environment. The linen will be placed in special bags and then into laundries

Safety and protection procedures in our hotel premises

( Bar area )

• We have implemented measures in accordance with the National Public Health Organization and World Health Organization.

• Our priority is to ensure that our guests and staff are safe in our hotel

• We have re-arranged the working place following meticulously the instructions of the National Public Health Organization

• We have provided our employees with all the suitable equipment that ensures the protection of their health

• All tables are spaced suitably according to the National Public Health Organization

• We reinforce the contactless payments by the use of cards in order to avoid any challenges in handling money for both staff and guests. We disinfect the system POS after every payment

• In case our guests pay in cash, we ask them to leave their money on the reception desk. In this way we avoid the direct handling of money

• We have placed hand sanitizers in all public areas and the cash check

• We have placed floor markings for our guests and staff to keep safe distances and at the same time avoid queuing

• We have placed covered rubbish bins with wheels where you can throw all your personal protective equipment (eg: disposable gloves), handkerchiefs, tissues, disinfecting wipes and material used for cleaning and disinfecting the working surfaces

• We continuously clean and disinfect surfaces, cupboards, door handles, circuit breakers and any other equipment that is frequently used         

• We continuously clean and disinfect the menu leaflets, the serving trays, the table surfaces and the loungers

• We keep safe distances when serving our guests.